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Your ict-support in Lapland (or Canada)!
Web pages, updates, programming, social media, photography…

Internet is full of possibilities. When would you like to start using them? How about tomorrow?

Web Pages responsiiviset nettisivutUpdates to old web pages, picture changes, text changes, pimp your site, new sites etc. Everything is possible.

Web pages, home pages, site. Few ways to name that digital content, that has to tell something to some specific target group.

Company’s web site has to tell what they sell. When it has been clearly told and customer want’s to purchase, buying has to be as easy as possible. Easy buying can be a web shop or it can be just easily findable contact information. delivers different kind of web sites. The site you are now visiting was made using Word Press and price for something similar is about 999 euros (+VAT). The site is responsive which means that they are user friendly on different kind of devices. Desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. One site, all versions. Handy.


ohjelmointiVarious programming services. Small and big. In LAMP.

PHP and MySQL are de facto standards of internet programming. Most of the systems running on the internet are deployed using those techniques.

Some examples of projects created by using PHP/MySQL

  • Nordic Ski Pass lift ticket sales on internet. Used by several major ski resorts in Finland. Levi, Ylläs, Messilä, Iso-Syöte, Tahko, Vuokatti, Ounasvaara
  • Club register at Kittilä municipality’s web site
  • City bike loaning system at Levi
  • Slope booking for alpine racing at Levi
  • Ski schools internal booking system at Levi. Levi Ski School is the biggest ski school in Finland
  • Registering system for Ruskamaraton running event (about 3000 runners each year)

Social Media

someDoes your company need a Facebook page? Do you have videos to publish for the whole world? Or photographs?

What is social media? In short it is content created by users. The longer version is here in Wikipedia.

The most favourite and best known social media is presumably Facebook. ”I ain’t in Facebook, cause I don’t wanna tell nobody that my pee was yellow in the mourning.” Well, if you are in Facebook, you’ll notice that it is a lot more. Blue, red, black, funny, sad, irritating and addictive. It can also be useful.

With social media you stay in contact with your customers. They can spread your message to their friends. With social media you can run precise campaigns very cost effectively. Aim your campaign to 40-50 year old males that live in Toronto and consumes whisky on a distant island on some lake. For example.

Picture Services delivers picture editing services and photographic services. All sizes, galleries, Flickrs, Facebook pics etc.


Entire Lapland inside 300 km radius! Closer than the closest police. Actual working range is inside email range which currently includes this planet of ours. Or which we live on.

  • Yuscu interactive oy ( since 1995)
  • tel: +358 400 522 667 (+358 400 KAAMOS)
  • email: or
  • first and last: Juha Mikkonen
  • nickname: Jusku